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Anxiety in Dogs: How to Soothe Your Pup with Natural Remedies

By :Kim Demetri 0 comments
Anxiety in Dogs: How to Soothe Your Pup with Natural Remedies

Just like humans, dogs can experience high levels of anxiety. Some dogs may only experience symptoms in specific situations, while others may suffer constantly. It may feel heartbreaking watching your pet suffer in distress, but the good news is, you can help. There are a range of natural remedies that have been shown to reduce levels of anxiety.

There are different types of anxiety in dogs, and understanding how your pet is affected can alter the way that you treat their condition. Many dogs experience separation anxiety, and they may get highly distressed when you leave the house, and get overexcited when you return. Dogs can also display signs of anxiety in certain situations, often when they hear loud noises or when they are placed in new environments. Understanding why or when your dog gets anxious will make your treatment more successful, even if you cannot eliminate the source of the anxiety. There are a number of symptomsthat anxious dogs display, including excessive barking or howling, hiding or cowering, shivering, refusing to eat, and urinating more than usual. 

It is always recommended that you work with behavioral techniques to train your dog out of their anxiety habits, although this can be a slow process. Many people are also looking for short term solutions as well, to ease the suffering of their dog while their behavioral therapy continues. This is where natural remedies come in. There are a range of options for you to consider, to offer your dog immediate help without turning to pharmaceutical medication.

Cannabidoil or CBD

CBD is the number one natural supplement in helping anxiety.  It has gained popularity because of it soothing effects on dogs and cats. We at Wellpur Pets have a variety of delivery methods for giving this extract to your pets.  We have broad spectrum tinctures, softgels, and dog chews.  


Chamomile is not just great for diffusing, but it can also be safely ingested by dogs to help soothe their anxiety. There are many different chamomile tinctures that you can buy, or you can simply mix cooled chamomile tea (with no added chemicals) to their drinking water. Administering chamomile orally should result in lowered levels of anxiety, and it can also help with stomach problems, as well as improve their immune system. 


Melatonin is a natural hormone found in dogs, and it can also be used as a mild sedative. This type of natural remedy is great for situational anxiety, such as when there are fireworks, or if they need to go to the groomers. Melatonin helps by calming dogs down, and it can also be used to get them to sleep if they are struggling with that too.  

Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oils such as chamomile or clary sage can have a calming effect on dogs, just like they do with people. If your dog is stressed or anxious, place an essential oil diffuser in your home. The oils will help your pet to calm down, and they will last even after you have left the room, which can help a lot with separation anxiety. 

If you are considering an essential oil diffuser to help calm your anxious dog, it is recommended you talk to a vet first, and you only use oils that have been approved for dogs. Some essential oils can be harmful or may cause issues for other types of pets. A hydrosol is often a safer solution that is made from what is left after distilling essential oils, that still provides all of the benefits.

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