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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agents for Dogs

By :Darin Carfaro 0 comments
Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agents for Dogs

Dogs can suffer aches and pains just like humans. If you notice that your dog may be experiencing some discomfort, here are some safe, natural anti-inflammatory agents that will have them feeling back to normal again.


Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and has been used for centuries to flavor food, as well as heal the body. Curcumin is an active ingredient found in the spice, providing a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. It has been found especially helpful in providing dogs relief from sore or aching joints. Turmeric can also be used to boost the immune system, helping to heal any wounds that are causing inflammation faster.


Ginger has also been shown to provide relief in dogs suffering from arthritis or sore joints. Ginger is also especially useful in providing your dog with relief from stomach or gastro problems. This is an especially useful anti-inflammatory because many pharmaceutical options can exacerbate pre-existing stomach problems in pets. Ginger provides relief from inflammation, without causing further issues. You can give your dog small amounts of raw ginger root, or you can opt for a capsule, powder, or tincture.


Spirulina is a form of algae that is full of protein and vitamins. It has been used as a supplement for centuries, to help treat a range of medical conditions, including inflammation. Spirulina contains phycocyanin, which helps to reduce the production of inflammatory molecules, which can also reduce the pain caused by conditions such as arthritis in your dog.


The yucca plant is a succulent, that is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help dogs when ingested. Yucca plants contain a number of antioxidants called polyphenols, which help to reduce inflammation by minimizing oxidative stress (a process that refers to the balance of reactive oxygen species in the body - imbalances can cause inflammation). The root of this plant can help to reduce inflammation of joints, but also inflammation of the digestive system, which may be causing your dog pain.


Meadowsweet was used to create the first type of aspirin in 1853 due to its pain-relieving properties, and your dog can benefit from this natural remedy as well. This herb contains salicylates, which help to reduce the production of prostaglandins, a naturally-occurring chemical that causes pain in joints. Salicylates turn into salicylic acid when ingested, a compound that has analgesic properties. This enables meadowsweet to act as a pain reliever, as well as target the site of the inflammation.

As with any natural supplement, these options are only safe for your pets to consume in small amounts. Giving your dog too much of any of these natural anti-inflammatory agents can cause more health problems. Always do your research, and provide a dosage that is appropriate for the size of your dog. In most cases, you should always purchase pet-friendly versions of these anti-inflammatory agents, as some that are designed for human consumption may harm your dog. These supplements should also be given to your dog alongside an appropriate diet and exercise, to ensure that your dog is as healthy as possible, to give them the best chance to combat inflammation and its underlying causes.


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