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Remedies for Dog Joint Issues

By :Darin Carfaro 0 comments
Remedies for Dog Joint Issues

Remedies for Dog Joint Issues

If you’ve noticed that your dog is not as active as they used to be, or if they seem to be struggling with regular activities, it’s possible that they could be suffering from joint issues. These are most common in older dogs with degenerative issues, but can also occur if your pet has some kind of developmental disorder, which can cause their joints to grow and develop incorrectly. As they get older, dogs can begin to display signs of osteoarthritis, a condition that cannot be healed, but it can be managed. Thanks to developments in science and technology, there are a number of treatment options for your pets, meaning you can choose a remedy that is right for them and their specific condition.

Anti-inflammatory medication

There are many medications that are designed specifically for dogs, that can help them with joint issues. The most commonly used type of medication for this issue is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). This group of medications helps to reduce the body’s natural production of prostaglandins, a lipid compound that is responsible for inflammation and feelings of pain. In cases such as osteoarthritis, NSAIDs cannot fix the condition, but they can ensure that your dog is comfortable, which can often lead to increased mobility and better quality of life.

Natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals

If you prefer to avoid giving your dog pharmaceutical medications, there are a number of natural alternatives that can provide pain relief, as well as act as an anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is one of the most common natural supplement that has been found to treat joint issues in dogs and other animals, as well as humans. Turmeric contains curcumin, an active compound that helps to reduce chronic inflammation by blocking the molecules that are responsible for this specific bodily response. It has also been found to help reduce stiffness in joints, helping your dog to live a more active life without hindrance.


For some dogs, it is possible to ease joint pain by doing specific exercises that help to build up muscle and take some pressure off the joint. The goal of this type of treatment is to increase mobility as well as reduce pain so that dogs are no longer suffering, but they are also improving the strength in their joints through exercise, which can also improve their overall quality of life. This is especially important for pets whose joint pain may be caused by excessive weight, as it helps them to lose weight safely, and in a way that does not further exacerbate the joint issue. 


Although this is often the last resort for very serious joint issues, your dog can undergo surgery to fix their joints to alleviate pain. Surgery for joint issues may involve replacing the tissue surrounding the joint or the joint itself, or using injections to help reduce inflammation and increase mobility. This is not necessarily a common option for dogs that are suffering from a degenerative joint disorder, but it can help to rectify some developmental disorders or a joint issue caused by an injury.


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