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California (CA)

California (CA)

Is CBD Legal in California? Where can you buy it?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is known as CBD, and both are the same thing. CBD in California comes from the naturally growing cannabis plants. CBD is naturally found chemical compounds that have effective therapeutic properties when consumed. Some people used THC, which has psychoactive properties, but CBD is the best choice without the high. 

Unlike other cannabis plant families, hemp-derived CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, which means there is no sign of psychoactive effects.

Here is good news for the buyers that Wellpur Organics only sourced CBD from US-grown hemp-plants, which means THC free products.


Is CBD Oil Legal in California?

CBD is not banned in any city of California State of the US yet. California makes CBD legal with a list of rules against CBD, such as In New Hampshire age limit to buy & consume CBD oil is above 18, and In Tennessee, age limit to buy & consume CBD oil products is above 21. CBD oils are easily available at dispensaries & retailers counters. However, laws restrict the CBD oil extracted from the Hemp plant for being used in edibles, or soft gels as it's safe.

California is known for the most liberal states in the nation; hence it is one of the strongest buyers or supporters of CBD legalization.


Where to buy CBD oil California?

California is known for its incredible beauty! So finding a reliable vendor who can be trusted with the price & quality to buy CBD products in the state? You can easily find it locally or online. Due to its incredible historical medical use, it becomes very famous. There several vendors who claimed 100% organic harvest, but they may not be trusted. There are so many issues related to buying the CBD locally. Firstly you have to compromise with quality. Locally all venders are not verified, or their product may not be tested or correctly labeled, which may be dangerous to life.

Online purchase is a highly recommended method to buy CBD oil California. Online you can find many brands from worldwide sellers.  They are reliable, trusted, certified, and verified by the state CBD association. You can consider Wellpur Organics for your online high-quality CBD purchase. We know that local buying save your time, but online purchase gives you a better quality product. Wellpur Organics offers full-spectrum and lab-tested CBD oil across the state. If you are in California, you can buy the best CBD California by using our online store and get a discount on your first purchase using code CALIFORNIA15. Our best CBD California products include salves, soft gels with melatonin, tinctures, energy drink mixers, and more.

In recent years CBD becomes extremely popular. Depending on the demand, more manufacturing required, which leads to opening more shops. How can you decide which brand is good? Here we have some reasons why Wellpur Organics is best:

  • Our production is entirely in the USA.
  • Premium Grade CBD oil
  • We have a policy of 30 days 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Our product is lab tested and full spectrum
  • Free shipping around the country
  • Naturally derived CBD which means no pesticides or chemical used.


If you need hemp-derived CBD oil in California, Wellpur Organics is here to help you. We have a large range of selection of CBD products.