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Hemp Extract and Pets: Questions and Answers

How does Hemp Extract work in pets?

  1. It works the same way it works in people, by stimulating the endocannabinoid system to create balance in the body.

 Is THC necessary for Hemp Extract to work?

  1. Simple answer is no. This was once a common belief before more research was done regarding hemp’s other cannabinoids. New information has shown that THC and phyto-cannabinoids can sufficiently function without the other.

Is THC safe to use in pets?

No. We do not recommend giving THC to animals. Dogs have been found to be highly sensitive and potentially toxic to its psychoactive properties and is potentially deadly. Cats have been shown to be less susceptible to effects of THC however it is best to avoid the psychotropic compound all together.

How much do I give my pet?

Choosing the correct dose for your dog can be pretty confusing. The dosage can also differ depending on the condition or behavior you’re trying to treat. 

You must also consider your dog’s weight and underlying health issues. These factors must all be taken into consideration.

As a basic dosing rule for both cats and dogs: 1-5 mg of hemp extract for every 10 pounds of body weight. It is best to start out with the lowest amount and monitor the results.  Take a journal and observe your pet’s responses and adjust accordingly.